Moroccan and Turkish Hammam Rituals

Women around the world have begun to realise the benefits of silk body exfoliation which has been growing more and more popular in recent years. But where does this ritual come from? Discover the history of this wonderful and ancient practice which is being embraced around the world.


Where did the hammam ritual come from?


The hammam ritual dates back thousands of years ago when ancient Moroccan and Turkish civilizations would welcome people to private and public steam baths where they would cleanse themselves from head to toe while socialising with their friends and family once a week.


How does the hammam ritual work?


The hammam ritual takes place within an enclosed steam room. Once the skin has softened, a hammam attendant would throw water on you to moisten the skin. They would then begin exfoliating your skin with a glove (called KESE in Turkish or KISSE in Moroccan) to remove all the dead skin. The overall premise of the Hammam ritual is to cleanse the individual’s whole body.


Hammam rituals today


Even after thousands of years, the ritual of traditional hammam is still practiced in Morocco and Turkey. There are spas that will provide you with the full experience which are visited by locals and tourists alike. If you are unable to travel to these places, you can still take part in the ritual from the comfort of your own home by purchasing our silk exfoliating glove. All you need to do is head into the shower and let the steam sink into your skin for 7 to 10 minutes. Then, wet your silk exfoliating glove and begin rubbing your body with firm pressure to remove the dead skin. Once you're out of the shower, lock in that moisture with your favourite body lotion for more hydration. You will feel relaxed and radiant and will have experienced the full hammam ritual at home.