Our Story

A word from our founder:

Hammam is one of the oldest bathing rituals in the world and is part of every Moroccan and Turkish woman’s life. I was born in Morocco and since childhood, I would go to the hammam once a week with my mum and sister to deeply exfoliate and cleanse ourselves. This weekly purification method was the norm growing up.

We would start by sitting in the steam for 10 to 15 minutes until our bodies were warm and sweaty. Then we would place the exfoliating glove (called “Kisse” in Moroccan dialect) in our hand and start the exfoliation process. Seeing the dead skin coming off our body gave us a sense of well-being and relief. Once we had finished with the exfoliation, we would rinse ourselves with hot water and follow up with washing our hair. Our skin would feel healthy, clean and glowing.

Having lived abroad for many years, this deep exfoliation method is still part of my weekly routine at home. It is not only a cleansing process but also a moment of purification and relaxation for my skin and soul.

SoulMitts is on a mission to empower women to feel confident in their own skin while improving their overall well-being. It gives women the opportunity to pamper their skin and promote wellness using traditional holistic methods.

Our pure silk gloves are made for women of all ages and cultural backgrounds to spread and celebrate cultural diversity.

Join us on the journey to beautiful skin.

Founder of SoulMitts